Revolutionizing Unified Communications with AI

Revolutionizing Unified Communications with AI

In this dynamic business world, businesses are looking at how they can apply Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enhance business productivity and decision-making. The footprints of artificial intelligence have a direct impact on our professional and personal lives.

We can witness the influence of AI technology in the field of Unified Communications, and there are several factors, such as technological evolution, digital transformation, pandemic, etc., that leads to the steady integration of AI.

How is AI Taking Over the UC World?

Innovative technologies like AL, ML, NLP, and predictive analytics have already marked a significant place in the growth of UC. Businesses are tapping into the power of Artificial Intelligence to improve communication and collaboration to enrich organizational and customer experience.

The integration of AI in UC helps business consumers and IT professionals to achieve their UC goals easily. AI has the power to analyze how employees spend their time during conferences and make suggestions on what can be done to make increase productivity.

For instance, users can rely on AI to analyze previous conversations and suggest responses to the messages. Also, users can see all the data regarding their previously logged meetings and the time spent on each topic.

AI can enhance the meeting experience by recommending topics based on the nature of attendees, suggesting conference rooms, and the business tools required.

AI can gain insight into how a UC system performs, analyze the data, and suggest troubleshooting tips if a system shows a buggy nature.

The integration of AI in contact centers can help to reduce the time to resolution. Customer service chatbots or voice bots can answer customer queries and provide step-by-step instructions to resolve issues easily. Voice bots can also connect to human agents to resolve more complex issues and streamline the process by automatically sending an outline of customer queries to the human agents. Thus, human agents need only to attend to complicated tasks and spend more time handling complex tasks and business operations.

The Integration of AI Into The UC

The pairing of AI and UC puts forth numerous benefits and adds value to businesses in several ways:

Intelligent networks

The integration of AI in UC prioritizes real-time communication. These smart networks can manage the end-to-end visibility of data flow. Moreover, they can diagnose areas of congestion and bottlenecks and then re-route high-priority traffic to provide a high-quality service.

Enhanced meeting productivity

Artificial Intelligence can analyze the data from previous meetings to understand the time spent on each topic. It can also suggest topics for future meetings based on the attendee list.

UC performance insights

AI tools can analyze the performance of unified communication portals. It can monitor the platform and provide actionable insights. If the system contains an issue, AI can perform predictive analysis and suggest troubleshooting options to improve system performance.

Streamline workflow and internal communication

Reshaping the UC includes AI and bots helping the firms to simplify workflows and internal communication.

Automated bots can collect and analyze data and manages automated scheduling. AI can enable organizations to track internal communication and analyze conversations. Bugs or issues in the system are also easily identified from the data. This enables to enhance processes proactively.

Advanced analytics and integration

Data is vital to every business; it is by processing the data that companies make well-informed decisions. Data analytics can help businesses strive by making a real difference to a company’s bottom line. UC platforms generate a lot of potentially useful data like call logs, messages, email content, etc.

Final thoughts

The power of AI can change the way we work, communicate, and live. AI can transform the UC experience in the way how we communicate and collaborate, and it holds significant benefits to enrich the business and customers alike.

The future of UC is evolving with AI!