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GIS is a framework for assembling, controlling, and analyzing data. It integrates many types of data and allows the end-user to generate more thoughtful decisions.

Geographical Information System

GIS technology integrates common database operations with unique visualization & geographic analysis offered by maps and converts data between different data models.

AutoMax’s GIS module enables the User to navigate the electronic map with the aid of controls easily. It also allows the User to add geographical notations on the map according to latitude and longitude by enabling the User to add the required information and choose its category from the existing landmarked locations previously arranged by the User.

The system allows users to add images, search for the required features, and show data on the maps using the preferred view (e.g., Satellite, Transit, Terrain). Overall, with GIS, it is possible to access clear and easy-to-use geographic maps, add layers containing relevant information, and attach images to locations, among other features which aid in decision-making for organizations.

AutoMax GIS provides users with clear and easy-to-use geographic maps. It enables them to add categories to geographical features by type. It offers tools to control map display and add geographical features. AutoMax GIS is a feature-rich tool to provide users with real-time location updates.

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