An Intelligent Way to Handle Business Data

Business Intelligence refers to a sequence of business processes. architectures and advanced technologies that can convert raw data into meaningful insights. It is the transformation of raw data to powerful and profitable insights.

Business Inteligence

Business intelligence is the most important element in AutoMax; it includes more than 240 reports, allowing management to have in-depth information about the whole operations.BI provides instantaneous statistic reports to support planning and decision-making processes and provides the ability to follow the course of work periodically.

Business Intelligence is an end-to-end data analytics platform that makes data discovery and intelligence accessible through an embeddable, scalable architecture. On the front-end, users of all technical skill levels can craft visualizations, reports, and dashboards to explore and share insights that drive businesses forward. The reporting module provides the following reports: Instantaneous Reports. Specialized Reports. Group Reports. Service Level Reports. Calls’ Reports. Tracking Reports. Dispatching Reports. Notifications Log Report.

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