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Automax Contact Centre is a comprehensive Approach to help businesses streamline and manage communications. It can manage both inbound and outbound communications.

Contact Centre

In today’s world, even small businesses operate on a global level. Unified communication supports both inbound and outbound communications and works to provide a truly comprehensive system that is scalable and flexible. This solution easily integrates with your existing applications and systems for a seamless transition that will keep your team working without interruption.

Our unified system is also integrated with the different communication channels, captures the changes in real-time scenarios, and notifies our customers to respond. Our Automax Unified solutions will leverage the business to its extremity and thereby establish your brand in this customer-centric driven world.

AutoMax Unified Communications System features that make it world-class are call queuing, language choice, CC activity code, CC skillset status, revealing caller ID, CC supervise, CC agent login or log out, and CC supervise help.

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