An Effective way to manage the workforce

WFMS is a system to manage the workforce effectively.This system equips with the latest devices and software to deliver better outcomes.

Workforce Management System

An integrated system for effectively managing the workforce, equipped with the latest devices and software. WFMS provides the ability to classify the workforce as per specialties and work skills. WFMS also allows organizing the major and sub-tasks in addition to scheduling and distributing them to the workforce according to the nature of work and the skills needed to perform the tasks. WFMS enables the administration of activities through a clear and reliable sequence of procedures and responsibilities.

Based on our long history of delivering workforce innovation, Workforce Management System was built from the ground up to manage the workforce of the future. Today, our Workforce Management enables the customer in line with the fact that workforce management includes a large number of different activities.

Creating best-fit schedules, tracking time & attendance, administering absence & leaves, and measuring productivity are vital to managing and retaining a high-performing workforce. Workforce Management System suite is purpose-built for the industries to drive business outcomes by engaging employees, controlling labour costs, increasing productivity, and minimizing compliance risks.

Workforce Management System helps users to be more engaged and productive. Employees and managers alike can manage leave cases, automatically inform their teams about upcoming absences, and even submit time-off requests in one click.

Features of the Workforce Management System that makes it world-class are:

  • Tasks planning and scheduling.
  • KPIs Planning and monitoring.
  • Forecast time resources to finish the tasks.
  • Measure and monitor performance.
  • Integrating with human resources management systems.
  • Management and classification of the workforce.
  • Tasks documentation and registration.
  • Displaying the tasks by condition (scheduled, unscheduled).
  • The possibility to add staff and all their data such as (name, civil registration no., nationality, salary, etc.). Attaching a photo of each employee.
  • Choosing some skills for the employee. The possibility of creating a task table for each employee which describes duty hours, task implementation, and spare time.
  • The possibility of creating groups.
  • The possibility of adding the employee to one or more groups.
  • The feature specifies specialties to the groups and assigns specific characteristics to one or more groups as per types of tasks.
  • The possibility to create a task table for the groups describing all employees and their tables according to their work times.

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