Foster Employee Collaboration and Build Better Customer Experiences with Automax Unified Communication

Foster Employee Collaboration and Build Better Customer Experiences with Automax Unified Communication

For successful organizations, it is a determining factor how well employees connect to each other with the right tools and provide a satisfying customer experience. The employees working together as a team is essential to every organization.

In this digitally connected world, customers look for spaces that provide the best customer experience. The main challenge with this hyperconnected lifestyle is that present-day people use more than three devices, on average, every day. They rely on different communication channels such as email, messaging, telephony, live chat, etc., on the go.

In this scenario, there exists an unprecedented pressure to be present everywhere your users are and to connect with them. There are only a handful of companies that are able to fulfill the needs of their customers and delight them at the same time.

And do you know what do these successful companies rely on? Of course, on Unified Communication platforms. These platforms enable to unify the communication to a single channel and provide seamless communication and collaboration for their users and customers. These satisfied customers are more likely to advocate your brand and spread positive word of mouth, which can eventually lead your business on the road to success.

Let us see how AutoMax UC can contribute to fostering employee and customer experience.

Connect with ease

AutoMax Unified Communication (UC) enables to instantly find and communicate with anyone in the organization using a unified directory. It enables one to view the list of all employees in the organization and view the individual presence to determine availability, and it allows to communicate and collaborate with teams with a single click seamlessly.

Greater mobility and accessibility

The workforce has changed dramatically, allowing employees to shift from a regular 9 to 5 in-office working atmosphere to a more flexible one. Work from home or remote working has enabled employees to be more productive and achieve better job satisfaction.

But amidst all the benefits, effective communication may seem difficult for some organizations, and this is where Unified Communication comes in. AutoMax UC enables employees to seamlessly collaborate and communicate with each other and customers from anywhere worldwide. Instant messaging, voice calls, video conferences, etc., can be done hassle-free irrespective of any time zone.

Enhance employee satisfaction and productivity

Integrating UC in the workplace can redefine employee productivity and job satisfaction. In this dynamic work culture, employees don’t want to waste time. Employees may feel frustrated when a meeting goes unnecessarily lengthy, as they could have used the time productively for other tasks.

Instead, team leads can send and receive important messages whenever and wherever. You do not need to pull your employees from their tasks to make an announcement every time. UC makes communications to be short, instant, and effective.

Better customer experiences

According to research, 49% of customers have stopped working with a business due to poor customer experience. Unified communication portals can provide fast and effective collaboration between the two parties and will help to boost customer experience and productivity.

Customer service agents will be able to provide top-notch customer service and better communication.

Final thoughts

With AutoMax Unified Communication, it becomes easier to provide rapid answers to customer quesries. Your business will be able to offer an omnichannel experience for your customers. It enables to build a brand reputation, trust, and loyalty. Unified Communication is obviously the future of customer experience.

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