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5 Reasons Why Unified Communication Suites Are More Valuable for Businesses

The vast communication technologies allow businesses to improve communications with clients, partners, and fellow employees. But this broad range of different communication channels makes business communications challenging to manage. The shift to unified communication solutions solves this by using various collaboration tools more efficiently in a single platform. The goal of unified communications is to combine a variety of applications to make them easier to use.

As we know, unified communication solutions may integrate many collaboration tools, such as:

  • Messaging
  • Voice and SMS
  • Audio & video conferencing
  • Email
  • Web conferencing
  • BYOD capabilities
  • Calendars and project management
  • File sharing
  • Third-party integrations
  • Cloud connectivity


With UC solutions, your employees can collaborate with the dispersed teams on projects, conduct virtual meetings, have client communications on their preferred communication channel. Thus, making it easy for your employees to communicate and collaborate with anyone at any time, from any device, effortlessly and helps to put everyone on the same page. 

  • Modernizing the employee experience

Most of the employee communication was done over the phone or via email until recently. However, this has radically changed. Employees at large and small businesses alike wish to communicate in the same way they do in their personal lives, via instant messaging apps and SMS in addition to traditional methods. UCaaS is well-suited to facilitating collaboration across all these platforms, making employees happier, more productive, and better equipped to service clients as a group.

  • Enhanced employee productivity

Employee productivity rises as communication channels are simplified, resulting in improved profitability for your organization. UC allows you to have seamless communications with your remote teams whenever you need to, thus saving time and giving rise to better communication. 

  • The power of presence

Another significant benefit of unified communications is presence, which helps to boost productivity, improve organizations, and saves money and time. Presence tracking refers to the ability to see where your team members are and see if they are always available. This operates by determining a device’s location when it connects to a network.

For instance, if you need to contact someone, you can check their status whether they are in a meeting, busy, etc. If they are busy, you can use a different communication method like email, text message, etc.

  • Better collaboration

Unified communication platforms use various tools to collaborate more effectively. It makes it simplified for remote teams to talk and work with multiple team members at once. You can reach your team members in real-time via phone, chat, or in a video conference to discuss about a project. You can even share project documents that everyone can edit and add their ideas to.

 Team leads can use the collaborative platform to organize group projects, see who is responsible for a particular task, be available to assign a task and keep track of the project updates. 

Collaboration is not restricted by the devices you use when your unified communications are cloud-based. Your team can move devices without missing a beat because all shared data in your network are safe and secure in the cloud. Team members can review and discuss documents while on the road using their smart devices. They only need to log into the cloud to have immediate and secure access to important company data.

  • More secure

Integrating a unified communication system in your workforce lets you have secured internal communication and collaboration. All the communication and data flow through a unified platform that is encrypted. As cyber security faces challenges in this digital era, it is essential to have an added data privacy option. 

  • Provides business continuity

During any emergency, your employees may feel confused or get in a doubtful state due to miscommunication. In these circumstances. UC platform eliminates the risk of miscommunication and ensures that everyone stays in the loop. 

  • Speeds up internal communications

It would be a mess if your employees are communicating using different platforms. Business communication should be accessible and not another job for you. A unified communication platform keeps all business communications via a single platform, making it easier for employees to access. Thus, you can speed up internal communications and focus more on significant tasks at hand. 

Final thoughts

Implementing unified communication solutions at your workplace has got significant advantages and helps to flourish the business by strengthening the bottom line, core business communications, and enhanced collaborations. Moreover, during a remote work culture, a unified communication solution is exactly what your organization needs.