AutoMax: Fleet Management System

Enable better control over fleets Experience the perfect balance between your fleet and third-party carriers for the best in operational excellence and efficiency. Fleet managers can efficiently plan the routes, days, and distribution of the fleet. Read More

AutoMax: Contact Centre

Foster better collaboration and communication Automax Contact Centre is a comprehensive approach to help businesses streamline and manage communications. It can manage both inbound and outbound communication. Read More

AutoMax: Incident Management System

Never let an incident go unnoticed. Incident Management System deals with suspicious incidents and problems. The system ensures that all issues are addressed and resolved at the right time. Read More

AutoMax: Geographical Information System

Change the way the world works. GIS is a framework for assembling, controlling, and analyzing data. It integrates many types of data and allows the end-user to generate more thoughtful decisions. Read More

AutoMax: Business Intelligence

An intelligent way to handle business data Business Intelligence refers to a sequence of business processes. Architectures and advanced technologies that can convert raw data into meaningful insights. It is the transformation of raw data into powerful and profitable insights. Read More

AutoMax: Workforce Management System

An effective way to manage the workforce WFMS is a system to manage the workforce effectively. This system equips with the latest devices and software to deliver better outcomes. Read More